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Steve Ballard

Weekend Breakfast with Steve Ballard


Favourite band: Coldplay
Favourite movie: Total Recall (1990)
Most embarrassing moment: Falling off a boat in front of my entire family! (Norfolk Broads circa 1993)
Proudest Achievement: Publishing my book earlier this year!
Most Annoying habit: Using the word “Fantastic!” far too much!

Steve has been broadcasting for over a decade, having started on a small, online station, which served mostly the gaming community.
Having established a voice and gained confidence, Steve went on to work on the Great Western Hospital and Royal Berks hospital radio stations, as well as community radio and a stint for SAM FM in Wiltshire.
On leaving the UK, Steve found himself on the air again for Monster Radio in Lanzarote, delivering the “Saturday Brunch” morning show and as a covering presenter.
Steve is really excited to be presenting on Ocean Radio, having been a permanent resident on Tenerife for the last 2 years.